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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday Goodie Report

Corner of Broome and Orchard

I regret that I don't get to spend enough time on the Lower East Side. There really are so many cool streets to explore, but my flight path through the city just doesn't usually include this area. But, I was lucky enough to need to pick up Jill at her friend's house yesterday, so Luke, Drew and I went early so that we could wander around a bit. (Ok, the boys weren't so keen on the idea of "wandering around a bit", but I made it worth their while.)

88 Orchard Street

At the corner of Broome and Orchard there is a sweet little cafe called 88 Orchard. It's directly across the street from The Tenement Museum and the coffee is excellent.

88 Orchard Street Sign

They do in fact have cozy seating downstairs, and it's a good thing too, because now every time I head into a coffee shop I'm afraid the I Saw Your Nanny crew is watching me sip a caffeinated beverage while my charges scrape paint chips off the wall and eat them. I got my much needed caffeine fix and the boys got oatmeal cookies, which made them quite happy (take that ISYN!), and downstairs they could run around and not bother anyone, which was nice for all involved.

Tea Display, 88 Orchard Street

If you aren't a coffee fan, they have a great selection of tea as well. I love the little tea display at the counter. I'm a sucker for tiny labels.

Tea Display Detail, 88 Orchard Street

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Blogger *nanny said...

i so need to visit ny. i'll show up and we'll go have coffee in the cozy seating and talk about ISYN.

lol @ "take that ISYN!"

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