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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Preparing for Winter

The weather was beautiful today! I actually needed a sweater for all but a few hours, and that felt so wonderful. I do love summer, but it has nothing on Autumn. I love pretty much everything about the fall.

Luke, Drew and I had occasion to be in Washington Square Park this afternoon (largely due to the Cold Stone Creamery addiction I picked up while on vacation (the stuff is worse than crack, promise me you'll never touch it!). We found ourselves fascinated with these huge holes that were scattered all over the place.

It seems hard to believe, but they were dug by squirrels! We watched as one very industrious little guy enlarged and deepened one of his holes and then chucked at least 25 acorns down it.

If you are used to suburban or rural squirrels, you might as well consider urban squirrels a completely different animal. New York City squirrels know no fear. They will come right up to you and if you happen to have food that they think looks good, they will not be shy about requesting that you give them some NOW! I get very nervous around squirrels like these, mainly because when I was growing up my father told me repeatedly about a little girl he'd watched get her finger bitten clean off by a squarely. One of the last things I ever want to do is have to call Mrs. G. and report that I'm in the emergency room because Drew's finger is in need of reattaching.

Luckily, that was not an issue today, perhaps because the ground is littered with "food" so the little guys don't think they need to pester us for our ice cream (not really a squarely delicacy anyway) or bite off our digits. They seemed perfectly content to let us watch them as they worked to get ready for winter. It's probably just a formality for them anyway, the park is as full of discarded food in January as it is in August, I would imagine.

Then again, I'm not a squarely, so what do I know?

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Anonymous Betti said...

Wow - Thanks for sharing information about "New York Squirrels"! Do you think your Dad was just trying to spook you, or would a fearless squirrel actually de-finger a child? Someone could write a "B" horror movie script about that!

5:45 AM  
Blogger Jane Doe said...

I love your blog! You seem to represent everything good and wonderful about New York nannies!

11:19 AM  

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