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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Years ago when Staples began it's tradition of truly exceptional Back to School commercials, my mother simply could not get enough of their "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" ad. You remember the one, an ecstatic father glides up and down the Staples' aisles gathering notebooks, pencils and pens, while his poor children trudge behind him as if they are prisoners on their way to the gas chamber. The commercial has no dialog, just the joyous strains of that beloved and oft used Christmas tune.

I always found it a bit odd that my mother thought the commercial was so hysterically funny. Usually that kind of thing fits into the "it's funny because it's true" category, but in our household the Back to School season was anticipated by all members, not just my parents. In fact, my mother dreaded Back to School night and the other duties associated with her children's return to school, while my sisters and I loved shopping for school supplies and clothes.

Notoriously I would only want to buy sweaters, wool skirts and warm tights when my mother finally got around to the task of school shopping. Oh, and saddle shoes, I couldn't get enough of saddle shoes even though they were dreadfully out of style. I don't think any of my peers really appreciated my sense of truly classic style . . . but I digress. Inevitably I'd dress for my first day as if it was November 31st, despite my mother's warnings, and by mid morning I'd be wishing I still had my bathing suit handy.

It makes me rather sad that the G. children don't go school shopping with their mother. They don't really do much shopping at all with their mother, and believe me, I don't blame Mrs. G. for that at all, kids are nightmares in stores more often than not. But school shopping seems like such an institution to me that I was really surprised to find not every family feels the same way. Clearly, though, Staples seems to being doing well, and still pushing it's wares this time of year, so many American families must still cart everyone to the store to partake of this cherished (by me, anyway) ritual. And although their ads may never again top the beauty and simplicity of that first one, they still seem to be cranking out noteworthy commercials, at least according to my mother.

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Blogger Mama said...

When I was a girl school shopping was always a big deal and fun. Glad to know you liked it too. I loved saddle shoes too...although mine were the tan and brown ones. :)

8:23 PM  
Blogger pinknest said...

i also LOVED buying school supplies and deciding what i was going to wear for the first day of school!

1:30 PM  

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