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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weekend Update --or-- City Chick in the Country

So why am I doing a weekend update on a Thursday, you ask? Simple: I'm ridiculously lazy.

I was visiting my country cousins this weekend (a gross misrepresentation of the facts, as the actual cousin I was visiting actually lives in Boston, and my aunt & uncle's town can hardly be called "the country", but I'm attempting to establish a theme) and we paid a visit to the local 4H Fair. The only other 4H Fairs I've attended were in Ohio when I was pretty young, so this was a rather fresh experience for me. The day was unbearably hot (as all the days apparently are going to be for a while now) so that put a bit of a damper on the experience, but all in all it was fun and definitely a step out of my ordinary weekend routine.

One of my favorite booths had an incubator with newly hatched and hatching chicks. I remember having eggs/chicks in my 2nd or 3rd grade classroom, but somehow in that time I'd forgotten how long it take those little guys to escape from their shells. We were at the fair for several hours and the ones who'd just started to break free when we came in were still at it when we left.

Two other things that I really loved seeing were the equestrian events and the huge rabbit displays, but oddly I took no pictures of either the horses or the bunnies. I guess sometimes when you're enjoying yourself you forget to stop and document yourself. Oh well.

My mother's favorite event were the Pig Races. I'd heard about a company similar to the one at the Fair on NPR, so I was pretty interested in seeing them as well, Frankly, who doesn't love a pig race?

After the piggies raced there were white and black duck races (I'm not sure why they segregated them). I almost enjoyed them more because of the cute way the ducks waddled. All the animals involved were really eager to get to the finish line, it made me wonder if they're drug addicted farm animals just looking desperately for their next fix. I tried to dismiss this thought.

The cutest animals, in my opinion, were these two kids (as in baby goats). They looked so soft, but sadly I never got to pet them. There was a mob of children in front of their pen and I couldn't quite bring myself to push through them to get at the kids. Sometimes I hate maturity.

We also saw a Wilbur look-alike who was in fact Some Pig (oh, ok, he was pretty much just a pig, but he won a blue ribbon, so there's got to be something special about him).

The food was standard fair-fare, but I had a yummy Peach Cider Slushy on our way out that made getting into the car that had baked out in a field for several hours a tad bit bearable.

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Blogger pinknest said...

oh that sounds so incredibly fun! i would've loved to go to something like that. and i would've pushed the kiddies aside to get to the goat. :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Pragmatic Chaos said...

Racist duck races huh? Alert the NAACP! ; )
I too would have pushed the kiddies aside.
Sounds amazingly fun.
I want a baby chick now.

11:14 AM  

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