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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Best Trick Ever!

I'm a big walker. I always have been, according to my parents (who are relatively truthful people). I can walk for hours on the weekend, and usually do, just aimlessly wandering through the farmer's market and making my way down through various neighborhoods, popping in and out of shops at my whim. It's the best and most consistent exercise I get.

This weekend was no exception to the walking rule, in fact in some ways I overdid it a bit (but in that nice no-pain-no-gain way). I did, however get off to a bad start on Friday evening because of my own stupid vanity and a VTB (very tall boy). I'm a dedicated flat-wearer. I don't own a pair of heels--with the exception of some fall boots, but I don't count them as their big and sturdy and don't make me feel as if I'm tottering around like a twelve-year-old playing dress up in her mommy's closet. But I did, however, recently pick up a pair of comfortable looking wedges to give me a bit of a boost. For the most part they are comfortable, but breaking in any new pair of shoes can be difficult. We went for a leisurely stroll through the village to gawk at real estate we'll never be able to afford (although, perhaps I shouldn't jinx either of us in that way, 'cause who knows?) and I got two pretty decent sized & painful blisters.

The next day I didn't make the situation any better by heading off on a long walk through prospect park. Even though I'd brought bandaids they didn't help because within 10 minutes of putting one on I'd suddenly look down to see it mysteriously gone or just hanging by one little sticky fraction of an inch, leaving my poor blister exposed to agonizing friction.

That is when I had an Eureka! moment. I realized that the pain came from the rubbing of leather strap against irritated skin and the point of a bandaid was to put a barrier between the two. I was all out of bandaids at that point, but what I did have (and almost always do have with me at all times) was a little tube of Vaseline Lip Therapy (better than any chapstick that exists, in my opinion). I smeared a little vaseline on the blister and viola! no more painful friction. It worked like a charm, and I bet any kind of lip gloss would work just as well. Of course there are some limitations to the possible uses of this trick (and yes, this post's title is a bit of an exaggeration) but I couldn't have been more tickled at my own problem-solving genius. We all need days like that from time to time.

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Blogger *nanny said...

i absolutely am stealing this idea! but just so you know, my blisters will thank you multiple times when the need arises.

i'm a flat wearer myself, due to having a boyfriend 2 inches shorter than my 5'8 self. i don't get how people wear heels for more than an hour anyhoo. i'm guessing maybe if i was like 5 foot tall and like 12 pounds, it wouldn't be so bad. :-P

6:30 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Hey! That's a great idea! I often get blistered feet, and those darn band-aids just DO NOT stay on. I'll definitely be trying this.

6:44 PM  

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