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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thinking about Design

Those of you who are frequent visitors to this site have noticed that over the past week I've switched my template several times. I'm unhappy with the options that Blogger is giving me and limited by my own ignorance when it comes to web design. Therefore, I've decided to seek outside help. (Thanks JGS for the tip, I've always like the look of Two Okapis so I've contacted Ciao! My Bella to begin my design search.) So, expect to see continual changes here until I find something I'm happy with.

This weekend I picked up the first copy of Blueprint: Design Your Life, a new Martha Stewart magazine. For the record, I'm a Martha fan, and no indictment or guilty verdict will change my enjoyment of her various media outputs (except that pet guy, he kinda freaks me out). The magazine, like many these days, is basically a shopping guide. It even includes a leaf of nice graph paper so that you can "design your life" which I think roughly translates to "jot down what you simply cannot live without". That, however, doesn't really bother me. I consume a great deal of magazines, and mainly I don't do it for practical reasons. I do it because I love to fantasize about all the wonderful things I could do if I had more money, time, money, space, money, etc. Blueprint is definitely going to become one of my monthly must-reads.

Since I was already so primed to be thinking about design elements, I fell immediately and deeply in love with the font the magazine uses. It's called Fling and I could totally see a Nanny in New York masthead with that font over one of my pictures of the Tom Otterness sculptures in Rockefeller Park.

While looking into the font I found a great little blog called D.I.Y. Kids. The projects on the site look totally do-able, and use mostly materials and objects that we have on hand, which is a wonderful thing on a gross rainy day like today. Today we're going to try the watercolor masking tape squares. I'm not sure that Luke, Drew & I will actually get so far as to decoupage anything (can decoupage be an active verb?) but they're totally into the idea of making our own stickers.

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Blogger pinknest said...

i love all things martha, too. :) especially her recipes. i read that blueprint magazine when it came out, but surprisingly wasn't too crazy about it. i think i still like the living one the best.

9:45 AM  

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