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Thursday, July 06, 2006

So Jealous!!

Through the strange, sick little world that the internet creates for us all (or, alternatively, through the strange, sick little world my hedonistic, morning-sangria consuming friends creates for moi) I found MetroDad: Poppycock from a Cocky Pop. This man is a real life Grup, no question about it. This is how he describes himself:
I'm just a 35 year-old NYC guy writing about his journey into fatherhood. . . . Ever since I found out my wife was pregnant with our daughter, I've spent countless nights contemplating how to raise a beautiful, kind, intelligent, well-adjusted child in New York City. And also trying to figure out how to do that while retaining our hedonistic lifestyle. . . . Though I'm entering my late 30's, I can still rip backhands down the line, hit a curveball, ski the bumps, shoot in the low 90's and rain 3-pointers. At the same time, I'm starting to forget things, I can't see my ass without my glasses and I've most definitely lost the ability to party on back-to-back nights.
From just a quick perusal I found it to be really well written and the kid is just so damned cute as to make checking back on a regular basis an imperative!

One of his recent posts was about this New York Magazine article about parents who have contracted to have tree houses built for their children and paid six-figure prices for them.

I know that I'm supposed to be totally against this kind of gross materialism, but I simply can't work up to that. These things look so cool that my overwhelming emotion is jealousy. I want one!! I'll trade my tiny apartment right now and gladly "rough it" in one of those "tree houses" any day.

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Blogger pinknest said...

i just saw that treehouse article while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday! i soooo want one of those treehouses as well, despite the sticker shock. i'll put a downpayment on one!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous MetroDad said...

Thanks for the coming by and also introducing your site. I've enjoyed reading through much of it and think you have a great, healthy attitude towards kids. It's nice to see.

However, I only ask that you read some of my archives as well. Although I'm self-admittedly a self-deprecating and high-maintenance metrosexual, I'm hardly a Grup. In fact, my parenting philosophy centers highly on allowing my child the freedom and space to develop her own sense of individuality (not mine or my wife's.) And I've blogged very frequently about the disturbing trend of parents wishing to be best friends with their child. I don't believe that's a parent's job and I have no desire to ever be considered a "cool dad." I also don't attempt to retreat to my youth by dressing or acting like a college kid. Nope, I'm comfortable with my middle-aged status.

Anyway, I don't mean to rant here. Like I said, I enjoy reading your site. Keep up the great writing! Maybe I'll see you around the neighborhood!

11:43 AM  

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