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Monday, July 24, 2006

Everyone gets 15 Minutes

Yesterday I stopped by the park to visit a bit with the kids and Mrs. G. It's nice to be able to spend time with them occasionally when I am not the responsible party. Of course, I still lend a hand if it is needed, but ultimately I'm not the one getting the dirty looks when Drew up-ends a bucket of sand on some poor unsuspecting baby or Luke terrorizes kids twice his size by stealing their toys and curling up in a ball around them potato-bug style when we try and make him give them back.

Anyway . . . while sitting on the wall with Mrs. G. and the other Mommy-types I had my first celebrity sighting of a truly twenty-first century variety. It wasn't Jon Stewart and his two adorable munchkins who do in fact live in the neighborhood (they're one of the main reasons I drop by the park on the weekends when I could be elsewhere drinking). Instead, I'm fairly sure I had a peanut sighting. (For those of you who don't go and read every blog I recommend, the peanut is the offspring of MetroDad.)

It was so strange to be faced with this odd reminder that I live a double life. I blog here under a pseudonym and I'd never post pictures of myself or the children because of that fact, but the truth of the matter is that I am a real person and I do live and work in an area that--despite being one of the largest cities on earth--is in fact just a series of small, intimate neighborhoods. I wanted very much to go up and speak to Mr. MetroDad, tell him how much I've enjoyed his blog (especially due to the rocky start we got off to). If I did that, though, I'd compromise my own anonymity, and that wasn't a risk I was willing to take.

I could have simply expressed my enjoyment as a reader, and not a fellow blogger, but would that have even been appropriate? I NEVER EVER go up to celebrities that I see on the street. It's like an unspoken New Yorker's creed, a very East Coast ethic. I always assume that celebrities would like not to be bothered, no matter what complimentary thing I might have to say about them. I'd like also to assume that the celebrity would assume that I'm very secure with who I am, secure enough to not even care that they're in my proximity, despite their fame and extreme good looks.

I suppose that seeing the MetroDad family caused me to re-examine why I am doing this. The main reason is that I want to connect with people in the realm of ideas, and in that respect the internet really serves me well. However, I don't live within a vacuum, and these things will happen from time to time. Also, the truth of the matter is that connecting really isn't the only reason I've been blogging for these past few months. I am interested in my own form of fame, but I'm trying to control the shape it takes. My hope is that I'm not fooling myself about what is and is not possible on these "internets" we're all so fond of.

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