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Monday, June 26, 2006

Feeling a Little bit Crafty, Part Two

Here is the doll base that I found for Miss Jill's birthday present. It's from Fire Mountain Gems, which is a Must-Know site if you like to bead or do most any kind of crafts. (This is the best product they sell, for my money.) A true DIY-er would make the doll base herself, but I'm so daunted by this task that I was thrilled to find this simple, bendable base. My sewing skills are much more straight line oriented, a doll was truly a frightening prospect.

Once the doll arrives, I will face the task of clothing & accessorizing her. The finished doll, if I'm lucky, should look like this picture to the right, although I'm creeped out by dolls with minimal faces, so I'm going to get creative with eyes and lips and nose. I don't think I can embroider them, as the doll is already constructed, but maybe I'm wrong, so it's at least worth a shot. Also, I definitely think that shoes are called for, although I've not gotten any hot ideas about how to construct them yet.

Also, despite the fact that Jill would probably be thrilled with the calico look, I'm thinking I might try and update the ensemble a tad bit. She's very into pink and I just love the combination of pink and gold. I picked up this fabric recently at Lonni Rossi Fabrics near my parents' home, and I love it. I think the scale is off for a doll this small, so I might need to do some more digging to find the right fabric, but I'll use this swatch as inspiration, at least.

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Blogger pinknest said...

good luck! that bendy form looks scary. hahaha.

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