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Friday, May 12, 2006

Spatulatta: Mother's Day Sunrise Salad

For the first time since we entered the much talked-up twenty-first century, I finally feel like I'm living in the home of the future. Well, at least the kitchen of the future. Remember the promises of Epcot's Future World and the Jetsons? Well, we're one step closer, and just like the Bible has always led us to believe, a little child has led us there.

Actually, two little children.

Nine-year-old Isabella Gerasole and her seven-year-old sister Olivia are the hosts of the vlog Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online. They are the first ever webcast recipients of a James Beard Award, and believe me, it is well deserved. The website is wonderfully easy to navigate (designed literally for children to use) and the recipe demonstrations done by the two girls and their "helpers" are simple, informative and incredibly easy to follow. This site has made my laptop one of the greatest tools we have in the kitchen these days. Check out their Mother's Day section.

Luckily the G. children are not picky eaters, but they're kids, so they each have their own food aversions that vary from day to day. The likelihood that they'll eat a particular meal is increased a huge amount by the simple act of participation in making the meal. Spatulatta makes things fun, so tech savvy (which makes everything taste better, don't ya know), and simple enough for the most kitchen-clueless kid to follow. And it's a great site to peruse just to get in the mood to cook. Check out their outakes--so cute!


Anonymous cat who sit on table said...

your post, lookig so re-fine thank you for spatulatta-

3:11 AM  
Blogger Alice said...

Cat who sat at the table:


Back to what I originally intended to say, my grandmothe always claims I'm 'caggy handed' in the kitchen, not natural. I never really learned how to cook and am learning now, at an older age, which makes things harder. Stuff like this seems really good if it means it helps kids get more involved.

I'm all for involvement. Especially in cake/biscuit making. That's definitely important.

I will link to you, N-I-NY, honest. I just haven't actually got round to it yet. Sorry. :-S

Have fun cooking!


8:42 AM  

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