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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Overheard In New York

I love the site Overheard In New York and I've always wanted to be the observant type of person who has their ears to the ground enough to hear the little gems of conversation that make the site. Like this one:
Pregnant woman to 3-year-old son: Do you remember what happened last time you licked the subway? That's right. You threw up.

--4 train

Unfortunately, I am often in my own little world, having conversations in my head, and I miss the hilarious things that the New Yorkers around me must be saying.

Yesterday, however, I had the earbuds out of my ears and I was tuned in to the world around me. It was perfect timing.

I was getting a chocolate milkshake to go at our friendly neighborhood soda shop (the pictures are from my camera phone, so they don't really do it justice). It's usually a zoo, so I don't bring the kids here alot, but it's fun to peruse the candy counter.

While I was waiting for my order I couldn't help but listen to the conversation being had by three women (mothers, I assume) who were talking rather loudly in order to be heard over the 7 or 8 kids they had with them. One of the mothers was talking about two girls who were available to babysit. (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) "They've just moved to the city, one wants to be an actress, the other's into some kind of fashion design. They just graduated from Brown and they're from wealthy families, but they just don't have their own money right now. So, they're desperate for work."

"Great," one of the other mothers said, "so they'll steal my clothes."

It was weird. She said it like it was a simple statement of fact, one of the negatives to consider before hiring these girls, like finding out they aren't First Aid certified or English isn't their first language.

Should I not be surprised to find out that it is an accepted fact that one of the drawbacks of hiring college educated girls from good families to care for your children is that they'll steal your stuff? Should I list on my resume: I have excellent written and verbal communication skills and I will not root through your closet. Or, should I just chalk these mothers up into the "Nanny Diaries" type women who I'd never work for in the first place.

For now, I'm going to go with the latter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How totally gross. Be glad you don't work for them!


7:25 PM  

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