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Monday, May 22, 2006

I have this intense fantasy about the library I will design for my own child. There are so many books that have been special to me, and believe me, they will be special to my child. Let me say that again for emphasis. They WILL BE SPECIAL TO MY CHILD. Ok, that felt good.

I found a site today as I perused the mommy blogs I came upon the widget that I'm now sporting (look left). Library Thing is a personal online catalog of books--the books you're reading today, the books you own, all the books you've ever heard of, whatever you'd like to use it for. One could, say, start a catalog of all the books they will eventually read to their child.

The site features are quite fun. The search engine pulls info from over 45 Libraries and the Library of Congress (in addition to Amazon for a little of the $$, of course). And users "tag" each book with category markers such as magical realism, dirty books, political theology, animal literature, etc. There are all the obvious features as well, like reviews, rankings and a truly entrancing zeitgeist. I'm working on my catalog as we speak--it's almost like an iTunes like grouping of all the literature that matters to me.

Little Drew-or-Frankie-or-Phoebe-or-Jack-or-Abbey-or-Seymour will be so set literature-wise.

Edit 5/23: No, not really.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seymour? Really?


8:32 PM  
Blogger christinemm said...

I am still trying to get all the books we own in our family library onto Excel then will work on filling up my Library Thing account with them.

The organizing of the books physically and on lists is such a project, the choice is to do things with my children and husband and to read to them and to myself or work on organizing, sorting, doing inventory, etc.

So much to do, so little time.

My Excel spreadsheet is up to 4667 but I only have a couple of hundred in my Library Thing account.

You should consider a trip over to the Pequot Library sale in Southport this July, not too far from is something to behold....

9:08 AM  

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