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Monday, May 22, 2006

Britney--Way Beyond the Need for a Nanny

Yesterday, as G. and I walked to the new the new Red Hook Fairway, I got to talking about certain mistakes I'd made long, long ago in my first incarnation as a Manhattan office girl. Long story short, I was fired from this particular job and I carried around the guilt and shame of the experience for quite some time. I told G. as we got spattered with intermittent rain, that I'd finally realized that I was 22 then. While I still wished things had gone differently, I now know that I was very young and I really did the best that I could.

Luckily, that job did not require responsibility for another human life. If it had, and I'd screwed up in some way that caused harm, that would follow me for the rest of my life. Which brings us to today's topic . . .

Poor Britney! I mean, I really do feel for her. Honestly, I'm not sure if I was 24 I would be able to cope much better than she seems to be. (Although, I would love to think I wouldn't be in that situation in the first place.) Clearly, at that time I was the type of person who did get in over my head, allow my problems to pile up, employ denial and make pathetic attempts to cover my tracks once I'd made a mistake. I was not good at asking for help and that hubris was my biggest downfall. Britney seems to be in a similar place--except she's doing it in front of the paparazzi and to a living child.

All the blogs that I read lately about the Spears-Federline family recommend that Britney get a new nanny--PRONTO! And while this sounds like a good idea, I really think she needs to go one further. She needs a Baby PR Firm, if there is such a thing. She needs someone to look at her as she's about to head out the door, someone who can diplomatically but firmly say, "Why don't you hand me the baby or the drink. There are alot of people with cameras outside."

The Baby PR person can say things like, "Why don't I look up the California state car seat laws before you head out in your convertible." Or, baring that she could say, "Don't have Sony Music executives make any kind of statement about California car seat laws before we actually know what they are. They might make you look foolish."

The girl, young and stupid though she may be, has money. Money, although it may not buy love or fidelity, will buy you someone who's job it can be to make sure you don't look stupid and child services doesn't take your kid away.


Blogger molly said...

i agree with you 100%!!! baby pr!

10:00 AM  
Blogger concha said...

...or maybe some birth control? i'm certainly not a fifty-millionaire, but i seem to afford the monthly dose that keeps my boyfriend and me child free.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous marge ingersol said...

The last thing I am going to tolerate is another judgmental nanny!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:27 AM  

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