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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Urban Scavenger Hunt, Part One

The theme of this past week was most definitely "DON'T put that in your mouth!"

On Thursday, while juggling Luke and the double stroller and attempting to maneuver both Jill & Drew through the turnstile of the W. 4th subway station I accidentally knocked Jill's cinnamon raisin bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese (a combination which brings to my elementary school friend Mindy Wissman, who loved the equally disgusting raisin bread with cheese Whiz, oh Mindy Wissman, I wonder where you are today & if you still have such strange tastes) onto the floor of the subway station. Jill picked it up, brushed off the little bits of paper that had stuck to it and proceeded to chow down. I think I actually screamed. Then I told her a cardinal NYC rule: if it hits the ground of the subway it must be dead to you. No exceptions.

Luke, who no longer likes to just sit passively in his stroller, has taken to walking beside me as we go about our daily errands and to the park. It's kind of cute, although it takes us 5 times as long to get anywhere. What isn't cute is his habit of picking up every little thing that he sees on the street and attempting to taste it.

So, to combat this little habit I got creative. I've taught Luke how to operate my camera and now, instead of picking up the garbage we pass, we just document it and move on. Here are a few gems from our weeks collection:

A styrofoam cup in the grass

Lottery ticket

Cigarette butt (I've got more than 20 pictures of similar butts)

A sickly pigeon

And finally, a picture that shouldn't need any explanation:


Blogger Rebecca said...

I'm graduating from college and looking to go back into nannying (that's so not a word), so I went searching for blogs about nannies, and found yours. I'm really enjoying it - thanks for posting about your adventures!

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