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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New York Nanny in the News (no shaking)

Here's a recent news item where a nanny was mentioned prominently in a news story for actually doing something rather heroic.

The nanny of an upper east side child who was choking on an orange ran out into the street with the baby (I assume in a panic to get help) and was struck by a truck.
The 1-year-old boy was listed in guarded condition at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital where he was rushed on Tuesday in the arms of a police officer who had grabbed him as the nanny cried, "Save the baby."
I did wonder, after reading the article, if the nanny in question had ever received CPR training (which would include the Heimlich Maneuver). I can't simply assume that she hadn't, because just knowing what to do doesn't mean that in a moment of panic you won't, well, panic. I do think, however, it's worth noting that it's a pretty good thing for every single person dealing with young children to know.

Let's hope both nanny & little Nicholas have a speedy recovery.


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