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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I have an odd schedule.

Like the title of this posting would suggest, I have an odd schedule. Sometimes I work very early in the morning, sometimes very late in the evening. It doesn't really bother me, and in fact it has a few unexpected perks.

One of those perks is drinking in the mid-afternoon.

Maybe that's not what you expected to read, having tuned into a Nanny-blog (tuned in isn't really the appropriate phrase, is it? logged on would be more fitting, but I don't like it as much), but it's the truth. One the occasional day when I find myself done working for the day at 2 pm, and have a willing friend, it's absolutely the best time to go to a bar (of course, avoid the bars that don't open until after 5, they'll only make you sad).

That is what happened today, and I'm so glad it did because my friend A. clued me into a blog that I so should have been reading for quite some time now. I know I"m very late to the party on this one, but I've simply been loving for several reasons. Here's two:

It's some of the best writing on actually interacting with children that I've ever read. So many mommy-blogs are gushy and gooey, and while I believe that those mommies do in fact love their children and want the world to know it, I also find myself wondering what deep, dark secret they're hiding. A world with children in it is not gushy-gooey all the time, it's just as frequently the opposite, like trying to serve spaghetti dinner in the psychotic ward at Bellvue (not that I know from experience, but that's the first image that came to mind, strangely). Ms. Armstrong clearly gets it. Today's installment began with this gem of a paragraph:
Yesterday you turned twenty-six months old. I would characterize the last month of your life as That One Time You Refused To Eat Anything, with [One Time] being a variable X where X = [Every Single Day]. We have come to realize that food is an area in your life where you are trying to exercise control and the best way to deal with this is to make it a non-issue. So we give you options, and one of those options is always the choice of not eating. If you don't want to eat then I'm not going to make you eat although I may grab a fork and jab it into the flesh on the back of my hand.

Also, clearly Armstrong is a mother who doesn't suffer all that much from mommy-guilt, and I find that refreshing. Here she is lamenting her stubborn two year-old's lack of use for the idiot box.
In other news of our degenerate parenting, this month has also seen the return of television. You used to be a huge fan of Sesame Street but once you learned to walk you had no use for that nonsense, and this made me terribly sad for a few reasons. One, we all stopped sitting still, which is fine for you, you're two and you have the energy. But I'm 30 and my body is ravaged from having handed it over to Satan. Two, I really started to worry that we were missing out on what was going down on the Street. I imagined that while you and I were running around the house checking all your stuffed animals for poopy diapers that other kids were watching as Telly Monster discovered he had a venereal disease. Or that Zoe was considering a boob job. You never know. But you can always hope.

Finally, she's already clued me into a fabulous site. It's called Subversive Cross Stitch and it sells exactly what the title leads you to expect. If, like myself, you're both a little bit crafty and a little bit sick, you may enjoy it as well. I'm having a hard time trying to decide if I'd rather cross stitch "Bite Me", "Fuck Cancer", or "People are Cattle". All three would definitely be rewarding projects that would look great hanging on my wall or make a wonderful gift. I'm going to remeber this site for Christmas presents.


Blogger cajohnson said...

How is New York?

9:14 PM  
Blogger Nanny in New York said...

Well, weather wise it's cool (only an expected high of 48) but clear and pretty nice.

Otherwise, NY (or at least the very small section of NY around me) is rather unmotivated. It's lying in bed still with its laptop answering emails and thinking about getting up for a cup of coffee.

Later on, if motivation sets in, this part of NY might go to the gym.

How is Wyoming?

5:46 AM  

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