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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Week--Easter Sunday Edition

So last week I went through all the machinations of trying to resolve my deep seeded Easter Bunny guilt, with really very little provocation other than a cross-denominational request for egg dyeing. (Yes, that's my SAT vocabulary sentence for the day.) And now that it's Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny has actually visited my home (well, to be honest, he hasn't so much "visited"--it would be considerably more accurate to say that my mother begrudgingly put out a hastily put together bowl full of Jelly Bellys while muttering to herself that all her children are over 20 and she shouldn't have to do these asinine things anymore, but I digress) I really wonder what exactly I was fussing about.

I think mainly I would like to see myself as contributing to the G. children's education, including their religious education, in every way I can. Possessing a more appealing religion seems to me almost like a transgression, when viewed with that goal in mind.

This is a big deal to absolutely no one involved with these children except me, and I think the reason has much more to do with my own children than the Gs. I'm still at the point where I fancy that I'll be able to control my children's education with an iron fist. In the part of my brain that listens to reason occasionally, I know that by the time I have these mythical children, I'll be older, wiser, and much more inclined to delegate. Or at least, that's the generally accepted knowledge, right?

But what if I don't get older & wiser? What if I stay the person who wants control every detail of her children's existence? Gosh, this post was supposed to clear up my questions from a couple days ago, and now I've just brought up a bunch of new questions I have no time to answer. Oh well, the "Easter Bunny" is requesting my presence for breakfast . . .

But before I go: The "Passover Bunny" courtesy of Jack McTamney.


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