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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blue day

On this crazy day of April snow, I am off of work & feeling, frankly, a little blue. The enotions that come hand in hand with caring for children are frequently contradictory. It's great to have a day off in the middle of the week but at the same time I miss Luke. Yesterday, when he was screaming & crying for absolutely no reason that I could figure out, other than suspecting that he had figured out that I had a headache and wanted to feel he had at least contributed in some small part to my pain, I did not think I would miss him at all today. Of course, you can always be wrong about these things.

Not being a mother to these children o'mine, I have no problem confessing (here at least) that Luke is my absolute favorite. There simply is no better or cuter kid. You may think yours is cuter, but you are wrong. I can't, however, prove that. Instead I've posted the picture above of a one day old baby goat. I've always wanted a baby goat. I even asked my mother once to bring one back from a trip to Nepal. She said that by the time it got out of customs (if it ever did) it would no longer be a baby.

Babys grow up. I miss my 'lil Lukester. It's snowing in April.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention your mother frequently. She must be proud of you.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Nanny in New York said...

Oh yes, very proud. It's interesting that that's what you picked up on. Let me guess, you're a mother yourself.

And just perhaps, might you be my mother?

6:47 PM  

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