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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At the Zoo, Part One

This is a Giant Elephant Shrew:

I have a great fondness for them because a year or so ago my father took me to the Zoo while I was home visiting. He was very eager to show me something, but he kept it a secret until we arrived in front of the GES habitat. Then he reavealed the GESes to me with great gusto. They stared at me. I stared at them. Then my dad told me that he believes that I will be reincarnated as a GES. He grinned, like this knowledge was a gift, something to cherish.

Jill & Sam absolutely loved this story. Although, it took a good long time to explain reincarnation and they now believe my father is some kind of warlock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

warlock, your father seems like a wonderful, wise man. I hope that you treat him well. And about the coming back as a GES things could be a hole lot worse than that. But, I think that if you do come back as a GES it would be good to be in the Zoo, so you don't get eat.

4:32 AM  

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