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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Power of Music

Today was the first day of Spring Break. That's a great thing if you're the one on vacation. So, while Sam (8), Jillian (6) and Drew (4) were all home from school in full force, I was feeling about as far from Spring Break as one can get. Instead of sporting a bikini in Cancun (not that that's where I'd be, per se, but go with me here) I was trying to keep all four kids happy while playdates came in and out of the G.'s apartment, making the place seem smaller and smaller as the day wore on.

So, around mid day I decided that we needed to blow off some steam. With 4 kids in a (relatively) small space, one great way to do this is to start yourself up a little dance party. Mr. & Mrs. G recently outfitted nearly every room with those great Bose iPod SoundDocks. They're not paying me for a plug (although I'd welcome it) but I highly recommend that everyone who can also afford to buy half a dozen do so. I simply whip out my own little iPod & suddenly I can play DJ and the kids think I'm the coolest (I take all little ego boosts, no matter the age of those dishing them out).

This wouldn't really be blog worthy, were it not for the fact that today, all the G. children decided that they have a new favorite song. Is it some of the cute They Might Be Giants songs I downloaded specifically for them? No, of course it isn't! It's Outkast. They played "Hey Ya!" somewhere around fifty times between lunch and when I hauled them out of the house with force and threats. Out in the park they were all still singing it. Jill especially got into the act with constant repetitions of "Shake it, shake it, shake it . . ." as she shook her appropriate body parts. Even Luke, who can't really manage to make an S sound yet, was pretty clear when he started singing.

When I was really young the music I loved the most in the world was my Dad's music. Sure, I would belt out the entire score of Annie & I loved these Strawberry Shortcake records someone gave me for my 4th birthday, but what I really loved were The Beatles, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and even a little Grateful Dead. That music had the appeal that I imagine my music to have for the G. children.

But now that they've taken to it with more enthusiasm than I expected, I must admit I'm feeling a little worried. Perhaps I'm being prudish, but I'm not really sure that the G.s are gonna be so pleased with their new hip-hop children. The song does not contain any actually objectionable language, however, how pleased can they be that Sam is telling every person he's come in contact with this afternoon to "Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor." Mrs. G. is constantly encouraging me to have music playing for the children, but I'm afraid that after today I will be given a bit more specific guidelines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is cracking me UP!

My kids LOVE that song.

They heard it on Kidz Bop and now they sing it to themselves.

10:20 AM  
Blogger a•pril said...

Like you, I loved any records my dad threw on the turntable - and his tastes were quite varied. Everything from Elvis, The Knack, The Beatles, Queen, Kenny Rogers... heck, even Boney M... I still get warm, fuzzy feelings everytime I hear "Rivers of Babylon." It's so strange to think there will be a future generation of adults who will hear "Hey Ya" or "My Hump" or "Candy Shop" and turn to their wee children and say, "ahh, now THIS brings back some memories... they don't make music like this anymore, kids!"

7:39 AM  

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