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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

One Great Site, One Great Book

Luke, aged 19 months, is my constant companion. While the three older children of the G. family (my employers) are off at school for most of the day, Luke is glued to my side. It wasn't my intention to get into a job like this, in fact, when I was interviewing I specifically avoided families with new babies. It is a fact of life, however, that babies happen. From day one the Lukester has worked his voo-doo magic on me and I couldn't imagine leaving him for an older child.

The fact that I love caring for a baby has not done anything to improve my absolute loathing for baby books. Perhaps my hatred for board books comes from the fact that my own mother could not be bothered with them. Although I had as many picture books as your average kid, as soon as my mom thought she could get away with it she switched me to a steady diet of chapter books.

I look forward to the day when I can make the same change in Luke's life, but for now we're kind of stuck with "baby books" because he has quite a passion for being read to. This is why I find it such a joy when we come across a truly great book. Duck & Goose is one of those books. It's a very sweet book about, you guessed it, a duck and a goose. They both find an "egg" but can't decide who has the right to keep it (Duck saw it first, Goose touched it first) they argue, and hilarity ensues.

We've had the book for a while, but it was recently written about on Kid Lit a blog written by a librarian in Green Lake, WI. It's an excellent site and her recommendations are always on the mark.


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