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Monday, March 06, 2006

Fear of Twins

Several years ago when I worked for an consulting firm in midtown, a psychic at the office Holiday party made a prediction with regards to yours truly that included the most frightening phrase in the English language: multiple sets of twins! This one reading has been enough to keep me away from all manner of psychics, fortune cookies, magic eight balls, etc. for quite some time now, but for the most part I was able to put the memory of that ill omen aside.

That was, until today.

In an article about the current "baby boomlet" causing increases anxiety about preschool admissions in NYC I was shocked to read the following:

Part of the problem is that the number of twins and triplets born to women in New York City has increased, according to city Health Department statistics.
In 1995, there were 3,707 twin births in all the boroughs; in 2003, there were 4,153; and in 2004, there were 4,655. Triplet births have also risen, from 60 in 1995, to 299 in 2004. Because preschools strive for gender and age balance in generally small classes and also, some parents suspect, as many potential parental donors as possible it is harder to get multiple slots in one class.

The trend is not isolated to New York, or even just urban areas, but rather the entire country is experiencing a dramatic rise in multiple births. Apparently there are two explanations for the phenomena: the most obvious is an increase in the use of fertility drugs but somewhat surprisingly (to me, at least) the other cause is pregnancy later in life. The likelihoodod of a multiple birth for women in their mid to late 40s is greater with each passing year.

However, even given this mildly starling new info, I still can't give much credence to that psychic's words. One set of twins, maybe, but multiple sets! She was clearly mixing my tea leaves up with someone much more masochistic.


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